Jan 20 – Feb 18


Relationships bring surprises today, whether they're platonic (really), professional or romantic. Someone new, offbeat and probably rebellious (your favorite) is coming your way. As usual, running into them under extremely weird circumstances is on the agenda – and of course, this makes your encounter even more appealing to both of you. Quite a bit had to happen to ensure your meeting!

An old relative is going to try to contact you Monday, probably via an unexpected phone call. They're just calling to say hi, but in the course of the conversation you're going to learn something that makes you think of them in a whole new way. It's funny how family members can seem both like old friends and perfect strangers at the same time, and you're reminded of this again on Wednesday. Toward the end of the week, another unexpected development is going to come your way, this one in the form of a sudden and incredibly fun romantic fling. Ah, life. It never fails to surprise.

You know how you like to do things in an unconventional way? You get a big go-ahead when Uranus, your forward-thinking ruler, goes direct on January 2. Whatever urges have been suppressed these last few months of its retrograde are set free, and you are completely uninhibited in your quirkiness.

The sun trips into your sign on the nineteenth, lightening up the general mood and paving the way for some major forward progress. You aren’t tied down to the laws and conventions that seem to hold most people back. Instead, you shrug off other people’s rules and make your own. Being a trailblazer isn’t without consequences, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

The sun (still in your sign) trines the airy Gemini moon on January 27, favoring networking of all types. It doesn’t matter how you stay in touch with people if you maintain your complicated, intricate tangle of friends and colleagues.

When the moon appears so much brighter, as it does on January 31, it stands to reason that you would see things more clearly. This Leo full moon and blue moon coinciding with a total lunar eclipse with the sun in your sign is tailor-made for you and your quirkiness, and you’re able to accomplish a lot through your charitable efforts.

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