Jun 21 – Jul 22


It may seem like your emotions are plain for all to see, but that one rival – or, worse, that new hottie you're crushed out on – doesn't seem to be getting the message. Just say it out loud, or at least throw a hint.

Balancing romance with a busy life could be quite a challenge at the beginning of the week, but don't shelve love entirely. It's all about priorities, and clearly romance should be right up there. From Wednesday through Friday, a different balancing act is in order: that of intellect and emotion. You're feeling things strongly and inclined to react immediately. Of course you should express what's in your heart, but make sure you know exactly what that is first. The love energy this weekend is great – you're receptive and alluring and in tune with it all. Enjoy!

Love is important to you, and you’re ready to go this month. On January 3, you’re falling hard when a strong aspect has you dreaming of someone night and day. Even if you’ve just met, the fourth helps you know them pretty quickly. You may find yourself developing trust before too long.

On January 6, the planets meet up in a harmonious way. Your communication may become a little quirkier than normal, and you’re willing to take a few more risks in romance. Make it pay off for you by the eighth, when three more aspects make you feel like you’re walking on air.

Your world is expanding in such a fun and sweet way that you can’t get enough. By January 9, you’re feeling hot under the collar, too, as your special someone heats up the night. Single Cancers may find that the day brings new dating prospects, whether online or in person.

Partnered Cancers find support for new intimacy on the thirteenth. Get closer by spending some time planning. As you become more comfortable with each other, you may even find that it’s time to get even more committed. A lunar eclipse brings some strong feelings to the surface on the last day of the month.

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