Jun 21 – Jul 22


This morning has documents waiting for you. But you don't have to sign anything until you're ready, no matter what day of the week it is. Wait until you are sure of the money involved.

Focus on finances early in the week, but do it on your own terms. You'll inevitably get drawn into weird conflicts if you try to buddy up or even ask for advice. If you must work directly with others, try not to take anything personally. Midweek you'll experience a surge of energy that should make you popular with customers and coworkers alike. Your listening skills will be powerful, and might make the difference in closing a big deal. Be careful with government authority on Friday – you'll be spoiling for a fight, and if you rub up against them you might get hurt.

January’s accent is on communication, and the best approach is a yin assertiveness that gently says “I want” or “I need” or “I feel.” Jump right in with this method on January 1, a lucky day with a full Cancer moon under which you see a situation clearly. On the second, progressive Uranus turns direct in your career house, and you can change an ending to the previous retrograde story.

On January 10, communicative Mercury begins a transit in your seventh house of partnerships. If it’s one thing the sign of Capricorn offers, it’s perseverance. If you need to change people’s minds, talk things over on the twelfth when common ground is just a step away.

On January 17, fortunate Venus stimulates improvements while transiting your eighth house of the strategist who alters a situation and sustains its own.

On the twenty-sixth, Sagittarius Mars steps in to contribute disciplined thinking while stimulating direct communication. January 29 and January 30 are additional lucky days. Search for jobs, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings Friday.

The lunar eclipse on January 31 is another clarifier, as is Aquarius Mercury now. Don’t lose contact with people. You’ll need their support later.

I want, I want!
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