Nov 22 – Dec 21


You're never quite as hot as you are when you're having fun and being yourself – like right now! Just be true to yourself, and you should make solid impressions with all the right people.

Some people are awkward (or crude!) when they're point-blank about romantic matters, but your up-front manner at the beginning of the week gets you exactly where you want to be. (Who needs game-players anyway?) Then, from Wednesday through Friday, the stars take you even further, lining your path with fascinating people and showing your natural generosity in a gorgeous light. The coupled up are thinking bigger and better, while singletons can't help but make sizzling new connections. Things slowww down this weekend – call it the dog days, and enjoy your own lazy company.

Your sign is known for needing freedom in love, but you can write your own ticket this month as January 3 begins with a sweet aspect that connects you with someone special. If you’re single and seeking new love, this is an excellent time to show a little vulnerability. It’s sexier than you know.

On the fourth, try to let go of some of your past hurts from previous relationships. They’re not helping you now.

On January 6, two aspects highlighting the need to let your quirky self rule give you permission to be a little silly in romance. You have so much fun when you do.

Partnered Sag natives may be feeling a little hemmed in by everyday responsibilities. On the eighth and ninth, however, you’re ready to blow off some of the more boring tasks so you can go on a cool new adventure together. Get out of town for a road trip or plan something for an exotic locale. Your relationship will feel so much stronger as a result.

January 13 features an aspect that may have you thinking about time and wondering if you’re somehow behind in love. You’re exactly where you need to be now, so no worries.

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