Oct 23 – Nov 21


Keep a careful eye on how you use your new superpower. A superior ability to unerringly wield words as weapons (if subtle weapons that are almost never seen as such until it's far too late) begins just about now. No matter how long the battle has raged, go easy on your opponents for the time being. You know you're brainier and better connected to reality, so there's nothing to prove – except your fairness.

Whatever you're feeling, try to be open to this other person at the outset of the week. This is not a business relationship, this is a personal relationship, and there's a huge difference, which you'll notice on Wednesday and Thursday. It's understandable that you've confused the nature your work life with the nature of your private life, because work is just about all you can concentrate on these days. Take your mind off everything this weekend by treating yourself to dinner at a favorite restaurant.

You long for a solid home base when the full moon and supermoon lands in Cancer’s domestic domicile on January 1. You can be a bit of a loner, but right now having a cozy dinner with the people you love gathered around the table for good food and conversation is your ultimate happy place.

Mars is in your sign and attached to lucky Jupiter on the sixth, when you become a real champion. Like seriously. Good luck to anyone who tries to cross you or compete with you right about now. It’s like you’ve won the race before you even got to the starting line.

A new moon on January 16 represents the quest for different tactics, especially when it comes to recognition and approval. The question to ask yourself now is, “Am I doing this because I want to or am I trying to please someone else?” There’s no wrong answer, but it’s important for you to know the difference.

Mars leaves your shadow on the twenty-sixth for the company of impulsive Sagittarius, and your patience basically flies out the window. You might not be as careful of a planner, but there’s a lot to be said about enjoying spontaneous moments. Let loose for once!

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