Aug 23 – Sep 22


Love does work in mysterious ways, but for it to work for you, you've got to work for it. If that's the case – if you're telling friends you're looking or working the online personals – you should see results soon.

Get on it when it comes to love this week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are most favored for romance. Why save your hot date for the weekend when you're in this good of a mood? Singles, be on the lookout for an intriguing encounter via work (if that seems highly unlikely, remember: Even your dull coworkers have friends, possibly cute ones). For best romantic results the rest of the week, on Thursday and Friday, vary your routine, whatever it may be; and let everyone go at their own pace this weekend – even yourself. (It may be slower than you think.)

It’s a productive month in love for Virgos, as an aspect on January 3 has you at your most romantic. Schedule a date at a candlelit restaurant and watch the sparks fly between you.

On the fourth, you have a wonderful chance to leave behind any painful memories from past lovers once and for all. You’ll feel so much lighter and happier when you do.

Two separate aspects on January 6 ask you to expand not just what you’re asking for in love but also what you’re willing to do for it. Talk about your wants and needs, and you may find that your partner is more than happy to make the adjustment.

Three aspects on the eighth highlight the need to make your partner feel special. Things can get stale if you’ve been together for a while, but the planets are helping you to reconnect, so why not let them?

You’re getting so much closer on January 9, when two steamy aspects align you both in mind, body, and spirit. Be careful not to rush things too much on the thirteenth. By the lunar eclipse of the month’s last day, you could be picking out your wedding attire in your mind as your feelings become even stronger.

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