Aug 23 – Sep 22


There used to be no such thing as an unrealistic goal, but those days of excess are over. Your emotions are no longer the driving force. The numbers are, so have them ready.

Your routine won't be able to keep up with unexpected developments Monday and Tuesday, so stay cool and be ready to change course quickly when necessary. You might have to rein yourself in if the impulse to lash out presents itself. Frustration with coworkers or possibly clients builds through the week as they consistently miss deadlines or offer vague words instead of the concrete direction you need. By Friday you'll be ready to freelance or at least take a day to work on your own – and if you do, you'll find your productivity soaring.

Information channels are open for business on January 1 when a full Cancer moon illuminates your eleventh house and brings a wealth of ideas and abundant wishes. The fifth is your lucky day. Search if job hunting. Send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings.

On January 10, Mercury transits Capricorn and your fifth house of speculation. Although you’re not known as a risk taker, taking calculated chances and assembling the facts, along with shrewd timing, enhance possibilities. Your fifth house is the site of the new moon’s seed moment for a new cycle on January 16, in case you want to go full tilt and take a risk on a wish.

Between the nineteenth and twenty-fourth, Mercury highlights negotiations as far as business connections and contracts go. There is positive finalization when Mercury sextiles lucky, expansive Jupiter on January 25.

The next day, Sagittarius Mars squares your sign. The motivational aspect symbolizes the itch to experience all that life has to offer. It can be an awakening if one is flexible enough (Virgo and Sagittarius are mutable signs, btw).

Finally, there is an optimistic Leo eclipse. With adventurous Mars and freedom-loving Aquarius Mercury, the ground has changed and could lead you off the beaten path and perhaps out of a rut next month.

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